Family Service



Our next Family Service will be at 10:00am on Sunday 8th October. We'd love to see you!

In our theme of 'Wonderful Women of the Bible' this service will involve thinking, and talking, about Ruth. Come and learn about her loyalty and what it means for us today.

As you may be aware, the old £1 coin is being taken out of circulation this month - please check down the back of the sofa, under the bed, in the washing machine and if you find any, bring them to church on Sunday morning. We would like to make a 'pound trail', ideally from the back of the church all the way to the altar. If we can achieve this, we will raise in the region of £700, which would be amazing. Let's see how far we can get!!


UPDATE: We raised more than £370 - more is still coming in - thank you all for your support!


Forward planning - the next Family Service will be on Sunday 19th November, a week later than usual because of Remembrance Sunday falling on November 12th this year.