March 2019

March- View from the Rectory


Spring forward into the Mystery of Everything….watch, think and reflect

This spring the clocks go forward and the days lengthen. We begin to look at time a bit differently as it seems we have more daylight hours into which we can cram even more activity. I am a big fan of Dr Who and it sometimes feels like in this Spring season that we step  into our very own Christian TARDIS travelling back and forth through time and space - beginning on Ash Wednesday, then through Holy Week, the Easter season and into Pentecost. The same rituals, readings and activities again and again and yet each time something new to discover, learn or experience in the wonder.

I had great respect for the cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and loved the film 'The Theory of Everything' based on the incredible story of his relationship with his first wife Jane. The film charts Stephen’s journey into time, both relative and actual, and the impact of MND on his life and work, so this Spring season at St Mary’s we’d like you to join us for an informal FREE exploration of issues arising from the film and an accompanying book 'The Mystery of Everything' written by my friend Hilary Brand. You’ll find more details about this here.

I hope you will also be able to join us in the church hall at 2.45pm on Sunday 3rd March to meet Hilary and watch the full film with us over tea and cake and find out more.

On certain Sunday evenings this year we are also running a monthly Watch, Think and Reflect event at 6pm in the church. No hymns, collection, service booklets, communion or robes. Just space in which to enjoy informal music, reflection, a few words and a short film.

Please join us for this new adventure in time and space on 24th March, 28th April, 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 22nd September, 20th October and 24th November and spring into something different.